Did Jesus die on Good Friday?

A Comment from an ExCatholic…who became a Bible student
After reading the gospels for the very first time I realized that something was very wrong with the Good Friday teaching of Jesus death. Jesus said that the only sign that He was allowing the unbelieving Jews to see was that the son of man would be in the grave for 3 days and 3 nights; Matthew 12:38-40. Being a math student It was easy to detect the error of the Good Friday teaching we were taught as Catholics. I am amazed that the so called one true church could be teaching such an obvious error. After a little study in the old testament it was clear that there were special Sabbaths that were observed by the Jews according to the ceremonial law. What amazes me is that all these high minded hierarchy that are in Rome never caught this error. The scripture clearly says Jesus rose on the first day of the week which was Sunday so Jesus had to die on a Thursday with the special sabbath starting at 6 P.M. on Thursday evening. The scripture reference for this special sabbath is found in the Old Testament book of Leviticus chapter 23.

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