Welcome to Ex-Catholics. We are not a hate group and we definitely do not hate Catholics at all, in fact the opposite is true. We have enough love, that we are willing to stick out our neck and do something totally risky in order that Catholics may come to salvation in Jesus Christ. We are only motivated by love, to tell those who are lost in religion the truth. We are a part of a phenomenon that has been going on for hundreds of years. That phenomenon being millions of souls who are born into Catholicism having authentic “born again” experiences. What generally accompanies this phenomenon is a hunger for the Word of God and a new understanding of it. If you were like us the Bible was always a book that seemed hard to understand, however after having been born again the Book became a living book and began to open up to us in a new and exciting way. It is through the Bible that we come to truly “know” God as He in fact is, not as a man or a church has explained him to us, but rather we come to know Him for ourselves. Our only mission is to help Catholics experience a true and living faith and to do that we must expose the counterfeit so that the genuine might be revealed.