The Gospel According To Jesus

Multitudes of material has surfaced in Christianity concerning the Beatitudes, however this one will rank among the best. This video may just be the most incredible presentation of the Beatitudes that you will ever hear. If you are dealing with unforgiveness towards anyone this gospel presentation has the truth that can set the captive free. This is definitely not the typical teaching on the Beatitudes. Words can not adequately express enough on how life changing this teaching will be for you!

You Can Know God

When the question is asked, “do you believe in God?” Many folks easily and quickly answer “yes”. However, when the question is asked, “do you know God?” Most people can not quickly say “yes”. This hesitation indicates the lack of “knowing”. Here is a really unique way for an individual to go from believing to knowing God. This presentation allows anyone to find God in his or her own house by the simple instruction followed in this presentation. The only thing you will need is a good Bible and the willingness to read it.

God’s Eternal Plan

From sleeping in a bed of worms(Isaiah 14:11), to walking on streets of gold, your choice. God has given each of us a free choice as to where we will spend eternity.